Daniela Pesendorfer

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And Still It Moves

Each photograph consists of two almost identical cutouts of the interior of the Franz-Josef-Warte.

Two nearly identical Photographies are put together to one. The phographies show the inside of the Franz – Josef – Warte on the Freinberg in Linz. Walking upstairs always two pictures were taken. So a change on the window, the steps, the person and as well on the landscape can be recognized.
The Photography moves apparently. The thin strips increase this effect. With the help of shifting an irritation is born.


The Real Space - inside

The window as an interface between inside and outside.

The few from outside:
photography of the empty Gallery of the IG Bildende Kunst in Vienna  is cut in stripes. The second, forth, sixt,... stripe is missing. So the current few inside the Gallery gets mixed with the photography.



In the center of interest is the rich coloring of the houses in Dublin.

A photography taken in Dublin is the original material of the woodcut. The prints show a variation of the wood and play with the intension of colores.